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Retro Reflective Material Sheet

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USD10.00 (USD10.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 300 g
Width: 140 cm
Length: 100 cm
Height: 0.01 cm


Product Description

Our Retro Reflective Sheet material with a default width of 1.4M
It is the same material as we use for the ARCade sheet and for our table sheet solutions.
It has the same reflective specifaction so combing them with other will be smooth.
The sheets come by default folded in a box to reduce shipping costs, however you could also let them be shipped in one of our Tubes by simply ordering a tube optional.
Beware that shipping by tube increases shipping cost a lot !
The sheets can be ironed and cleaned if desired.

The price is per meter, adding more products will just add meters to the price and we will just ship the total amount of meters in 1 piece.

Product Usage

The sheets can be used for anything you want to do with it to extend your board space.
It still requires you to have a board for tracking as this is only the material.




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