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ARCade Setup Sheet LE Version

5 5 1 Product
USD30.00 (USD30.00 excl VAT) each Weight: 600 g
Width: 140 cm
Length: 200 cm
Height: 0.01 cm


Product Description

This is our ARCade Setup Sheet, it has its name related to having an ARC shaped edge towards a vertical backdrop when fully setup.
The Retro Reflective sheet is derived from a LE board setup with the far end edge being romoved for having a fluent transition between the horizontal and vertical Reflective visuals.
By this design you will have the possibilities to see much more holograms and the 3D effect is much more intense compared to a regular horizontal board setup.
The closest that comes to the ARCade setup is the XE being in kickstand (flipmode), just that the ARCade sheet has much wider refelctive surface and a much higher backdrop surface.

The ARCade sheet is water resist and can be cleaned, ironed and is made of durable materials.

By standard all our sheets will be shipped in a box sized so they will be folded as this would save a lot in shipping cost.
If you require us to schip it in a roll, please contact us and mention the order number so we can provide alternative shipping.
Most cost effective would be to add it to and existing cylinder as an option as it will be folded on 1 -2 times.

Product Usage

The ARCade sheet is best used for extending content that is above board surface and giving endless depth due to the backdrop functionality.
It best use cases are applications like FigminXR abd DX266 but it also opens the doors for any aplication that would require more vertical space.
Our upcoming game GalaXR will have an option to enable this mode and will run an optimized version to make use of the ARCade setup benefits.
All holograms above the TiltFive board would not clipoff at the far end anymore by using this setup.

Product Size

 1400mm  2000mm  0.1mm


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