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Important Store Update

Important Store Update

Our current store update.

If any of you were wondering why we have items out of stock. the main reason being that we sold many of our stock already and even we refilled it several times between too.
So we are very thankfull for all of you whom supported us and we hope you are all enjoying the Tilt Five system seamlessly and with more ease and immersion.

We will continue with our store and we still have plans for newer and upgraded items however those will rely on Tilt Five userbase growth and getting more exposure with our boards.
Our ARCade sheet is one of our main items that we would like to push forward becuase it is just the best way to play T5 games if they would be ARCADE games.
Not all items will be available all the time as we seen the last months a big drop in demand for boards.
We decided to make the items rather going to be on a waitlist or we might run a tiny kickstarter or so for them.
Our MOQ with our factory partners would be too big based on our last months data, that would mean that this batch would be taking us more than a year to sell if we are lucky.
Therefor we wait for the moment to see what still is going to happen later this year for the rollable boards and only sell what we still have in stock,

Currently all Rollable TPU XE boards are sold out and will not be refilled at this moment !
The tablecloth sheets are also sold out, LE and XE. We plan to restock them at the time vertical board support would be native in Tilt Five as currently its only experimental.

What do we still have ?

We still have a minor quantity of rollable LE boards for those who still want it.
Blank RR material sheets we always will have those available and we even can ship those unfolded for anyone who is intersted in it.
ARCade sheets will also be availble as this item is our unique concept for Tilt Five.

Forward into the future

As the store is now consuming less of our time, there is more time left for the other things we been working on.
One of those are the Games like GalaXR that has been designed especially to benefit from the ARCade setup is having more priority now and will go live as a public test demo soon.

We still have other concepts for T5 that we would like to add to our future product list, however those would be more time consuming to develop and also will cost more investment.
The time that Tilt Five would grow is also the time our store items would grow, as we depend on the T5 users to make anything happen.

Our next logical step would be to make one of our games we been working on to be available soon so we can see feedback from users and its mainly to see how you all will repsond to a game that is made for ARCade setups.
We are really looking forward to that moment and as usual we try to release the product in a as much good state as possible, just like our boards.

We been rooting since the start for more immersive games, beyond T5 board gaming concept. Our mission is to maximize immersion with T5 hardware.

The upcoming months we keep you all updated with new development progress and the release of GaLaXR.
That means also new videos trough the lens and mixcast coming up.

Thanks again everyone for making this journey with us, hope you all will keep riding along with us into the future.