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Important Store Update

Our current store update.

If any of you were wondering why we have items out of stock. the main reason being that we sold many of our stock already and even we refilled it several times between too.
So we are very thankfull for all of you whom supported us and we hope you are all enjoying the Tilt Five system seamlessly and with more ease and immersion.

We will continue with our store and we still have plans for newer and upgraded items however those will rely on Tilt Five userbase growth and getting more exposure with our boards.
Our ARCade sheet is one of our main items that we would like to push forward becuase it is just the best way to play T5 games if they would be ARCADE games.
Not all items will be available all the time as we seen the last months a big drop in demand for boards.
We decided to make the items rather going to be on a waitlist or we might run a tiny kickstarter or so for them.
Our MOQ with our factory partners would be too big based on our last months data, that would mean that this batch would be taking us more than a year to sell if we are lucky.
Therefor we wait for the moment to see what still is going to happen later this year for the rollable boards and only sell what we still have in stock,

Currently all Rollable TPU XE boards are sold out and will not be refilled at this moment !
The tablecloth sheets are also sold out, LE and XE. We plan to restock them at the time vertical board support would be native in Tilt Five as currently its only experimental.

Tilt Five roll-able LE boards

Finally we reached the milestone !

LE board
As some of you already know, we at Dragon Magic Studio designed an alternate version to replace the Tilt Five original fold-able board version.
Now we finally can celebrate our milestone as finally we rolled out our first small production batch of roll-able boards.
The XE boards are similar, just longer at it's length.

What are the differences you might wonder...

To mention the benefits over the original we could sum some of them up as followed :

  • They are made out of 1 piece, resulting in 1 clear image without seams which are visible in the original board.
  • Because they are 1 piece they are also more easy to clean and wipe-off compared to the original.
    There are no seams or folds so they can be wiped without having to worry to peel of the edges near the seams.
  • The retro reflective layer is a result of many iterations trough the last year and therefor has been improved a lot.
    The colors are more vibrant and it also has better results on white and black levels.
  • They weight less and again because they are 1 piece they can be hung vertical.
    However the current SDK does not support it but when it does those boards can easily be hung vertical.
  • You can do a minor tilt on the LE boards far edge to give it a similar effect as the XE kickstand without loosing tracking.
    This is not possible on the original tilt five board as you will loose tracking.
  • For the XE version the extra benefit comes in kickstand mode on top of all mentioned above.
    The original board will have a hard fold on the spot where to board angles, for the roll-able XE board however this will not happen as it can just nicely curve at that spot.

Those are the most common differences that benefits over the original boards.

Soon we will share more, so stay tuned if you are interested.

The roll-able boards are also compatible with the upcoming backdrop we are working on.
But that's another update probably for 2023.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord.



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